Inside the Gym

Top class equipment and facilites

Top class equipment and facilities.

To be the best version of yourself, you have be training with the best equipment.

We have over 100 pieces of top quality fitness equipment to make sure your gym experience is the best. Whether it’s cardiovascular or weights we have everything you need to tailor a workout specific to your needs ensuring you can push your limits and achieve your goals.

Don’t forget to have a look in our shop in reception. We supply a wide range of fitness supplements, healthy meals and top of the range fitness clothing.

Gym floor

On our gym floor you will find a variety of equipment for each muscle group including free weights, barbells , plate loading machines and cables

Cardio Zone

We have a huge range of cardio equipment starting with the traditional treadmill, stair masters and cross trainers. We are one of the only gyms in the area to also have skiergs, air bike and rope climbers .

Here you can burn off the calories in a variety of ways so take your pick!

Functional Training

We have a fully dedicated area for functional fitness including a 20m prowler track
Here you can find slam balls, battle ropes and trx cables Aswell as much more to make your workouts as varied as possible


Take a look at our studio zone equipment

Boxing at Astar

Boxing is a great way to increase fitness levels, manage weight as well as a huge array of other health benefits.

Here at Astar we have a wide range of boxing options to tailor your work outs with our highly trained, skilled boxing specialists.

Our gym is equipped with a wide variety of boxing equipment including cardio machines, punch bags, free weights and strength and conditioning machines.

Our world championship boxing coaches can guide you every step of the way along your fitness journey so why not get in touch to find out more.

Outdoor Training

We’re well equipped for training outdoors. Take a look through our outdoor training galary

Reception & Shop

Here you will find our excellent range of food supplements and gym wear.

Come and check out our vast supplements selection.

More details can be found on our Products page

Changing Rooms

Get ready for your workout or freshen in our changing rooms