Memberships to suit everyone

With over 100 pieces of fitness equipment and a wide mix of different classes each week, it makes sense to be part of the Astar Muscle and Fitness family.

Not sure of how often you are likely to visit? We have a number of different options to suit your schedule. You can pay as you go or join our monthly plan without being tied to an annual contract. Speak to one of the team to discuss what options are available to best suit you and your fitness regime.

Not been to Astar yet? Come down for consultation today. We guarantee you’ll come back for more.

Astar Muscle and Fitness is the place for you!

Monthly Membership

Want to commit to the gym life and become the best version of yourself? Then our full monthly membership is for you.

All weekly classes are included in this membership fee.

No contract.


Pay as you go

Not sure of how often you will be heading to the gym? Then our pay as you go option is for you.


Student Membership

We apprieciate students are on a tight budget, and so we offer a reduced rate student membership to help.

No contract.


Weekly Pass

Unsure of how often you’ll be hitting the gym?

Why not take advantage of our weekly pass for unlimited sessions over a 7 day period.

£15 per week