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Astar - Now HYROX affiliated

Here at Astar Muscle and Fitness, we are very pleased to announce that we are now officially a Hyrox affiliate gym, and will be offering dedicated Hyrox training classes alongside our regularly scheduled classes, as well as much more. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and socials for lots of exiting updates and additions.



HYROX is a global fitness race for Every Body designed on the fundamentals of functional fitness. Participants from all around the world compete in the exact same format. The race starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional movement, which repeats 8 times, taking place in large indoor venues, creating a unique stadium like atmosphere for all participants.

Hyrox bridges the gap between traditional endurance events with functional fitness, to create a race format for Every Body.

Haven’t heard of Hyrox or ever done a Hyrox workout or competition? It is one of the fastest growing competitions in the fitness industry (https://hyrox.com) so we’re certain it won’t be long before you get to hear about it. With the majority of our coaches and members becoming more and more involved in this mass participation Fitness race, we wanted to look at how we could extend our offering to include Hyrox training, as well as maintaining the existing traditional gym set up that we already have.


So why did Astar decide to become a Hyrox affiliate? We’ve been an established gym for 10 years who pride ourselves on the gym community we have built. We truly believe our members are part of an extended family who work towards their own personal goals whilst supporting each other throughout the process.Over the past few years we have been listening to our members suggestions and constantly making additions to our facility. We have recognised that the functional side of training has become more and more popular and something a lot of our members are asking for more of. So we realised we have the perfect opportunity to create a hybrid gym in which our members have all the benefits of a traditional gym, alongside the added perks of being able to take advantage of the Hyrox training offerings should they choose. It really is the best of both worlds. The perfect opportunity to get a feel of the training on offer alongside maximising our existing offerings as a well established gym.

A lot of what we teach within our current classes can be easily carried over to Hyrox so anyone who attends our classes have probably had more exposure to Hyrox than what they might think.A lot of our coaches have also put themselves through their paces and done the Hyrox competitions first hand so it made sense for them to pass on their experiences, skills and knowledge to our members.

It’s for these reasons that the Hyrox training seemed like an obvious addition to what we already offer and a chance to involve even more of our members in functional fitness.We understand that our members each have their own personal challenges when it comes to training and their specific goals and not everyone is striving to be a fully fledged athlete or body builder. That’s why Hyrox training really is truly accessible for everyone no matter what their fitness level is.

Hyrox comp

Hyrox training classes

If the Hyrox training is something you think you’d be interested in then check out our available classes below. There’s no additional membership needed and you don’t have to be training for a Hyrox competition to join in.

HYROX competitions

As an Astar Muscle and Fitness member, if you are interested in applying for a Hyrox competition, you are eligible for priority access and discounted entry.
Remember to keep your eyes peeled on our website and socials for lots of exiting updates and additions.