High quality supplements, meals and gym wear

Located in our reception area, you’ll find an excellent range of food supplements, meals ready to eat and our own Astar Muscle & Fitness branded gym wear.

Our range of supplements

We stock a wide variety of protein powders, pre workouts and protein snacks and if you would like something specific ordering or a specific flavour that you can’t see, please ask one of the reception team to have it ordered in.

Some examples include Per4m whey protein powder in a variety of flavours, CNP whey protein, Applied Nutrition clear whey protein, Grenade bars, Pre workout, ABE & Insidious- murder out, Pre workout shots, EAA ‘s, BCCA’s, Carb X , L-Carnitine as well as a whole range of, Protein shakes, Protein water, Energy drinks, Bcca cans and ABE pre workout cans.

If you would like your Pre/ Post workout shakes making up please ask one of our reception staff.

Healthy meals ready to eat

We also offer a selection of macro counted meals so why not have one cooked and waiting for you following your workout? Or better yet stock and take some home?

Provided by kcaloreats and delivered to the gym weekly, with a menu that changes every month.

What more could you ask for!

Astar branded gym wear

We regularly get new Men’s and Women’s Astar Muscle & Fitness branded clothing garments.

Ask at reception for available stock.