Total Massage

Our resident sports massage therapist


Providing a clinical deep tissue massage. Treatment for tension, soft tissue injury, posture correction and sporting endurance improvement.

For more information or to make an appointment, call or text: Samantha: 07909 910889, Robyn: 07375 456012 or Joe: 07801430427 or visit our Facebook page


Samantha is a Sports Massage Therapist with 9 years of experience and also provides Spinal Manipulation. Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage, treating soft tissue tension and injury.


Robyn is also a Sports Massage Therapist and specialises in stretching/flexibility and mobilisation techniques. Robyn offers stretching and flexibility coaching to gyms and teams including the ‘Flex Class’ available at Astar.


Joe is an Injury/Sports Rehabilitator who will be available to guide you through and optimise your injury rehabilitation, with a tailor made programme to suit you. With the initial consultation, Joe will assess to understand the nature of the injury, using multiple diagnostic techniques to assess Musculoskeletal and Neurological defects.